Super Stores

The smallest 40' model SuperStore 2 is 4 pallets wide and has a capacity of 42 UK pallets – 13% more than the biggest UK 3 palletwide units and with much lower costs from delivery to daily use – 20' SuperStores are also available.

Internal stainless steel wall panels and aluminium ceilings & flat aluminium floors our SupersStores are easier to keep hygenically clean than glass fiber & polyester interiors and contrary to UK 3 pallet wide units the flat aluminium floors in SuperStores are built to permit fork truck operations. Operating range -30°C to +60°C and everything in between!

SuperStores are manufactured using identical features and components to our standard portable cold stores; easy opening doors, internal lighting, personnel alarm, internal door release and air curtains.

Available in 20'/40' lengths and as wide as you require. For many applications we can reduce the quantity of machines required to maintain temperatures.

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