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List Mechanical Test

List Mechanical Test
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(R&D Lab’s Test)

 ShipOffshoreLine PipePressure Vessel
 Material Strength, DuctilityTensile Testθθθθ
 Large Scale Tensile Test –θ
FormabilityUOE Forming Simulator –θ
ToughnessCharpy Impact Testθθθθ
Strain Aging Impact Testθθ
DWTT (Drop Weight Tear Text)
NRL Drop Weight Testθθ
Resistance to LamellarTearThrough Thickness Tensile Testθθθ
Abrasion ResistantHardness Testθθθθ
Resistance to HICHydrogen Induced Cracking Testθθ
SSCCSulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking Testθ
High Temperature StrengthHigh Temperature Tensile Testθθθθ
 Creep CharacteristicCreep Testθ
Fracture ToughnessCTOD Testθθθ
 Deep Notch Testθ
 ESSO Test (Kca)θ
 Fatigue Strength & LifeFatigue Test(S-N curve)θ
Internal SoundnessInternal DefectUltrasonic Test (UST)θθθθ
 Macro Etching Testθ
WeldabilityWelding HardnessWelding HAZ’s Max Hardnessθ
 Taper Test – θ
 Welding CrackHardness y-groove – – – θ
 SusceptibilityWeld Bead Bend Testθ
Specimen Simulated heat Treatment PWHT, SR, HF, Nor’θθθ

θ : Available
◊ : Further discussion required
– : Not available

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