List Mechanical Test

List Mechanical Test
 List Test Guaranteed  Reference

(R&D Lab’s Test)

 Ship Offshore Line Pipe Pressure Vessel
 Material  Strength, Ductility Tensile Test θ θ θ θ
 Large Scale Tensile Test  – θ
Formability UOE Forming Simulator  – θ
Toughness Charpy Impact Test θ θ θ θ
Strain Aging Impact Test θ θ
DWTT (Drop Weight Tear Text)
NRL Drop Weight Test θ θ
Resistance to LamellarTear Through Thickness Tensile Test θ θ θ
Abrasion Resistant Hardness Test θ θ θ θ
Resistance to HIC Hydrogen Induced Cracking Test θ θ
SSCC Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking Test θ
High Temperature Strength High Temperature Tensile Test θ θ θ θ
 Creep Characteristic Creep Test θ
Fracture Toughness CTOD Test θ θ θ
 Deep Notch Test θ
 ESSO Test (Kca) θ
 Fatigue Strength & Life Fatigue Test(S-N curve) θ
Internal Soundness Internal Defect Ultrasonic Test (UST) θ θ θ θ
 Inclusion Micrographs θ θ θ θ θ
 Segregation S-print θ
 Macro Etching Test θ
Weldability Welding Hardness Welding HAZ’s Max Hardness θ
 Taper Test  –  θ
 Welding Crack Hardness y-groove  –  –  –  θ
 Susceptibility Weld Bead Bend Test θ
Specimen Simulated heat Treatment  PWHT, SR, HF, Nor’ θ θ θ

θ : Available
◊ : Further discussion required
– : Not available

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