Poised as Asia’s First Animation Theme Park built at the cost of RM520 million in Ipoh, Perak, is set to be the most exciting dream destination for everyone. The park officially opened to the general public on the 26th June 2017.

The client, effort paid off where higher than expected presale tickets and memberships were sold where they anticipated more than 18,000 visitors will visit the park for the grand opening ceremony and then throughout the week. Because of this anticipated rise in visitor numbers, their existing conventional cold room facilities could not accomodate additional raw food storage to cope with the rise in food demand for the grand opening ceremony.

To cope with this additional food storage throughout the week, the themepark management decided to hire two unit of 20ft ArcticStore from SPRO to store the additional meat base products at different set temperatures at -20 °C (frozen) and +4 °C (chilled) and it has proven to be a success with considerable cost savings to the business operations.

With the successful deployment of our ArcticStore there, we believe ArcticStore will be the portable cold store of choice for them if require additional cold storage space in the future. They have 10 food outlets within the themepark vicinity.


ArcticStore in Pharmaceutical Sector

As Malaysia’s largest listed integrated pharmaceutical group, the client has blazed a trail within the healthcare industry as a provider of quality products and services.

1 unit of 20ft ArcticStore were delivered to their factory in the state of Perak, Malaysia on the 14th of June 2017 to replace their existing reefer unit which failed to maintain a stringent precise set temperature anywhere between +2°C and +8 °C consistently that is required to store their antibiotic raisins.

The client decided to lease our 20ft ArcticStore to replace their existing reefer because our ArcticStore is capable to adhere to their strict criteria and temperature parameter precisely with maximum temperature fluctuation of just 0.5 °C to the set temperature.


ONE-STOP rental container business

The clinet, is a company that is made of several well-trained entrepreneurs that got together from previous missions to start a different path of trade and open new doors to potential businesses that seemed tough to enter. They specialize in manufacturing and trading of Arabic gum/acacia gum as well as in grains and foods from east Africa. Cleint acts as an international trading platform for commodities whereby buyers will be guaranteed ease of trade, quality commodities and excellent trading services.

For this Ramadan month, they leased 1 unit of ArcticStore to store their dates, imported directly from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for domestic distribution. The high quality dates are to be stored at the consistent temperature of +16 °C, in order to maintain the quality and freshness of the dates.

In addition to the lease of the ArcticStore, as a ONE-STOP container leasing business, SPRO also assisted them to place the ArcticStore container during the lease period at a secured premise as they do not have a place to store the container.


OGA 2017

SPRO team recently convened in KLCC Convention Center from 11 – 13 July, 2017 to participate in the prestigious 2017 OGA exhibition event which is one of the largest Oil & Gas events in the Asean region, attracting large attendees and global exhibitors alike from the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical companies around the world. This annual event combined three days of industry networking and educational information to all attendees, providing endless opportunities to meet, share and learn from one another.

SPRO had a successful participation in this exhibition where at the same time, we took this opportunity to present and introduce our partner, Titan Containers A/S of Denmark, and its range of ArcticStore brand series of cold storage portable containers which took centerstage at our booth to all attendees, in addition to our other Oil and Gas products and DNV containers.

Titan’s ArcticStore range of cold storage portable containers offers users that lack or need more cold storage space for their business operations to rent them for short, medium, or long term basis in addition to purchase. The flexibility of using the ArcticStore container series is that it can cater to temperatures between -60 °C to +60 °C (depending on models) and to whatever size that you need your cold storage room to be without investing heavily in a permanent cold room structure in your business premise. Another major attribute is the electricity consumption where the ArcticStore container series uses an average of only 2kWh – 3kWh compared to other used ISO reefers with 9kWh – 12kWh of power consumption, hence massive savings in both startup/expansion and operating costs for your business.

By showcasing both Titan’s ArcticStore series together with our other core products, we managed to connect with many visitors to our booth enquiring about our products and the business leads we get from them at the exhibition. Thank you OGA 2017!