ArcticStores just got hotter, but only when you want them to!

To meet the increased demands for warm and hot environments we have upgraded the software in more than 2500 containers to allow maximum set point as high as 45°C/113°F. Heating is produced electrically and the container has standard low and high speed fan circulation.

If that isn’t hot enough then consider our special models that could be reaching as high as 86°C/186°F hot environment.

ArticStore-Semiconductors Industry

SPRO successfully rented 2x10ft ArticStore recently to the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer. This project is also a breakthrough for us since this is the first time we supplied container with clip-on Genset, portable racking and support legs. We are so proud as our portable cold store have been chosen to store their high value raw materials. Furthermore, this is pilot project for customer and they consider to implement same application to other factories worldwide.

Good Vibes Festival 2019

SPRO is proud to announce that we have successfully supplied 20ft ArcticStore portable cold storage container to support the storage of food and beverage product during the Good Vibes Festival 2019.

Even though the 20ft containers were rented out for less than 1 month, it was an honor for ArcticStore containers to be chosen as the ONE for their portable cold storage solutions for the event. This was proving that the ArcticStore containers are suitable for the outdoor event without any doubts.

ArcticStore to support Government Project launching in fishery industry

SPRO Solutions had breakthrough one of the important deals recently, by supplying one unit of 20ft and one unit of 40ft ArcticStore to support the fishery industry which is under a government project. They are planning to have 50 stores nationwide by this year 2019.

ArcticStore unit had done a great job by providing either chiller or frozen temperature to ensure the freshness and quality of the fish and seafood.