SPRO Supplies Singapore Fruit Product Company

SPRO is proud to announce that we have successfully supplied Titan’s ArcticStore portable cold storage container to Singapore recently with 1 unit of 20ft ArcticStore cold storage container on a 1 year rental contract.

The client, is a fruit distributor and fruit juice producer where their fruit products are distributed in hypermarkets in Singapore. They need the ArcticStore container to have an immediate cold storage solution for their fruit products to ensure freshness and longevity.

Furthermore, ArcticStore indoor as a temporary storage measure for their fruit products to ensure minimal disruption to their business operations during the transitional period to the new premise.

This first major Singapore market breakthrough will provide SPRO and Titan a step up to pave the way for more ArcticStore units to be mobilized to potential clients in Singapore either for rent or purchase in the future with plans to supply the ArcticStore containers from a depot in Pasir Gudang to ensure timely response and delivery to Singapore.


ArcticStore at F&B consultant company

A good example of a fruitful potential business lead gained from the recent concluded FHM 2017 exhibition to be our ArcticStore container rental client. The client, F&B consultant company which provides A-Z consultation service for setting up food and beverage business ranging from food kiosks, cafe, restaurant, breads and pastries manufacturing factory, and even cooking studio to conduct classes.

The client visited our FHM booth and we’ve had discussions how the ArcticStore container can prove useful for their bakery business operations to store their food products. They particularly liked the idea that our ArcticStore are able to maintain certain precise temperature with just a given +- 0.5°C margin of error to the set temperature to ensure their food products are kept at the required temperature settings.

Not long after the concluded FHM exhibition, they contacted and wanted us to supply them with 1 unit of 20ft ArcticStore portable cold storage container on a yearly rental contract. SPRO are glad to have client and business partner as well to promote the ArcticStore cold storage portable containers to their respective clients that may need them.


Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2017

It was a bitter sweet experience for SPRO when some 20ft ArcticStore portable cold storage containers were required on rental to store foods that will be cooked and served for the paddock guests in the recent concluded Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2017 that was held in Sepang circuit. Sweet because we were able to supply a few of the 20ft ArcticStore containers for this prestigious event. And bitter because this 19th edition of Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2017 race will be the last and final farewell for Malaysia to host the F1 event.


Even though the 20ft containers were rented out for less than a week, it was an honor for SPRO and Titan’s ArcticStore containers to be chosen as the ONE for their portable cold storage solutions for the event. This shows how the ArcticStore containers are highly regarded by the world’s most prestigious racing event. This in itself says something about the quality of the ArcticStore containers.


2017 Food and Hotel Malaysia (FHM) Event Participation

SPRO together with Titan was a proud participant in the recent concluded biennial Food and Hotel Malaysia (FHM) International trade exhibition which was held from September 26 to 29 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. It was SPRO’s first participation in the FHM exhibition, which is considered as Malaysia’s official trade exhibition for food, drinks, equipment, supplies and technology relevant to the hotel, and restaurant industries. Participants from approximately 50 countries with more than 20,000 visitors, trade buyers and key decision makers took part and attended in this prestigious event.


Using FHM’s platform, SPRO and Titan took this great opportunity to showcase Titan’s ArcticStore range of cold storage portable container series to make its brand and presence known to the exhibitors and visitors alike that Titan’s ArcticStore range of cold storage portable container series are already available in Malaysia and South East Asia region.


SPRO together with Titan’s ArcticStore range of cold storage portable container series are able to offer users that lack or need more cold storage space for their business operations to rent them for short, medium, or long term basis in addition to hire purchase and outright purchase.

The flexibility of using the ArcticStore container series is that it can cater to temperatures between -60 °C to +60 °C (depending on models) and to whatever size that you need your cold storage room to be without investing heavily in a permanent cold room structure in your business premise. Another major attribute is the electricity consumption where the ArcticStore container series uses an average of only 2kWh – 3kWh compared to other used ISO reefers with 9kWh – 12kWh of power consumption, hence massive savings in both startup/expansion and operating costs for your business.


The response was really fantastic whereby we have had constant stream of visitors to our booth enquiring about Titan’s ArcticStore range of portable cold storage container products. We’ve had many business engagements and enquiries from visitors near and far from a myriad of industries ranging from coconut products, seafoods, bakery products, meats, fruits and many others.


All said, it was an excellent platform for SPRO to promote Titan’s ArcticStore range of cold storage portable container series to make its presence known in the Food and Hotel industry and to generate a good amount of contacts as potential users for Titan’s ArcticStore range of cold storage portable container series. Thank you FHM 2017!